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Scripture Study

Tools and Suggestions

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Cultivate your love for the scriptures and deepen your knowledge with the help of a scripture study process compiled by James E. Faulconer. Rich scripture study is facilitated by tools and techniques that help us focus on what the scriptures can teach us. This study aid offers pointers and suggestions that will familiarize beginning students of the scriptures with the many resources available to them, as well as help more experienced students improve the overall effectiveness of their scripture study.

In this fascinating book, James Faulconer discusses a helpful method and the purpose of outlining, an in-depth method of cross-referencing, how to ask cogent and thought-provoking questions about the scriptures, the benefits of using dictionaries and concordances, the relation between words and ideas apparent through rhetorical studies, and using the valuable reference tools in the LDS edition of the scriptures. He then provides sample notes developed using the study tools he describes to show how research and pondering can make scripture study even more meaningful.


Title: Scripture Study

Subtitle: Tools and Suggestions

Author(s): James E. Faulconer


Publication Information

Publication Date: 1999

ISBN 13: 978-0934893398

Page Count: 168

Size: 6x9

Binding: Paperback

Price: $9.95

Imprint: FARMS

James E. Faulconer

Ph.D. in philosophy, Pennsylvania State University, Professor of Philosophy at Brigham Young University.

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