King Benjamin’s Speech Made Simple

King Benjamin’s Speech Made Simple

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The speech of King Benjamin in the Book of Mormon is a masterpiece of Christian literature. These inspired words influenced later Book of Mormon prophets for generations, and they continue to reach across time to stir countless people today.

King Benjamin’s Speech Made Simple is a popular abridgment of the expansive volume King Benjamin’s Speech: “That Ye May Learn Wisdom” (FARMS, 1998). Prepared with the general reader in mind, this streamlined version presents the essential contents of the original book. Eleven studies examine the classic speech from many angles, viewing it as a manual for Christian discipleship, a coronation and covenant-renewal text, an ancient farewell address, a key part of a religious celebration, a prophetic lawsuit, a masterful oration of stunning structural complexity, and much more.

This volume acquaints readers with a great religious leader whose wisdom, inspired teachings, and parting testimony invite studious attention and lasting admiration. This book is a rich resource, spotlighting and making simple the profound meanings and intriguing complexities of Benjamin’s carefully wrought words.


Title: King Benjamin’s Speech Made Simple

Editor(s): John W. Welch | Stephen D. Ricks


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Publication Date: 1999

ISBN 13: 978-0934893411

Page Count: 320

Size: 6x9

Binding: Paperback

Price: $24.95

Imprint: FARMS