Isaiah in the Book of Mormon

Isaiah in the Book of Mormon

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Of Isaiah’ prophetic writings, the resurrected Lord taught, “Search these things diligently; for great are the words of Isaiah” (3 Nephi 32:1). Yet no chapters in the Book of Mormon are more difficult to understand than the Isaiah passages quoted by Nephi, Jacob, Abinadi, and Christ himself. The 17 essays in Isaiah in the Book of Mormon take a variety of approaches in seeking to help readers make the most of Isaiah’s teachings.

The contributing scholars draw on the Book of Mormon prophets as knowledgeable guides, examining how and why those ancient writers used and interpreted Isaiah’s prophetic teachings. They explain Nephi’s keys for understanding the great prophet, use historical and linguistic information to clarify his meanings, examine recurring themes, and reflect on the influence of these texts on ancient and modern saints. A glossary of Isaiah’s vocabulary and an annotated bibliography are included in this book, the first ever to focus exclusively on Isaiah in the Book of Mormon.


Title: Isaiah in the Book of Mormon

Editor(s): Donald W. Parry | John W. Welch

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Publication Date: 1998

ISBN 13: 978-0934893299

Page Count: 560

Size: 6x9

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